We have an edge over most players in the lower mid market space for the following reasons:-

  • We are passionate about what we do and about lower mid markets. Over and above this, we understand the landscape, the needs, aspirations of players in this segment. Our founder (s) are entrepreneurs themselves and have over the years, worked with founders and also advised business support service providers as well as financial intermediaries.
  • We bring smart capital: Money (debt, equity and where possible, impact funding) and a unique combinations of skills, experiences, insights, networks, partnerships and a mindset that family owned businesses in the lower mid market cry out for, especially in these volatile, fluid and uncertain times we live in.
  • We have rare insights into the lower mid market and some of the industry sub sectors that we play in. In addition, we take a value chain view of the businesses that we work with, but more importantly, we pay attention to the “soft side” of deals that more often than not, derail deals or hamper value creation post transaction close.

Partnerships, Associations & Linkages

  • Private equity firms
  • Debt providers
  • Buy side and sell side advisory firms
  • Other investment firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Impact funding ( WIP)
  • European family business networks
  • Universities alumni networks.
  • Leadership and team coaching experts