Investment opportunity in a business with good EBITDA margins and without debt.

An opportunity exists in South Africa to co-invest in a $7Million turnover manufacturing business with EBITDA margins of 18%, very good debt to equity structure and good dividend pay-out history. The business operates in the materials sector (GICS 15), Industry group (1510) and GICS sector code 151010.

Markets: The business manufactures an ingredient that is used by customers in; 1) consumer staples, specifically industry group 3030, household and personal care goods as well as utilities (GICS 15).

The investment opportunity would suit off-shore strategic buyers looking to use the asset as platform and springboard into the African market or those that already operate in Africa, but want to diversify their revenue streams. Given the business’s strong social impact content, the business would also suit social impact investors, especially those interested in creating jobs and/or diversity.

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